Chris's Enthusiasm And Sense Of Humor

Over the past two years, Madeleine and O'Neill feelings progressed very smoothly.Two people often in pairs, lingering sentiments.The neighbors reflect, Princess Madeleine often slept in the O'Neill is located in New York's East Village villa.Message personage says: "two regular ecstasy hugs and kisses.When the princess and O'Neill together, she seems very happy."
After nearly two years of exchanges, Madeleine's new romance finally blossom fruit.According to Madeleine, this year 10 month in the United States New York, O'Neill to her secret marriage.However, she declined to disclose more details only propose, in a release on Royal site said in an interview: "Chris 10 early to propose to me, it was a very romantic and heartfelt.He is my soul mate, I appreciate Chris's enthusiasm and sense of humor, he is broad-minded, is a very considerate and generous man."The Mulberry Bags Outlet Swedish Royal announced in December 24th, Madeleine and her boyfriend O'Neill Beats By Dre Pro set the date for the wedding will be held in June 3, 2013 a grand wedding, formally entered the Moncler outlet marriage hall.O'Neill mulberry outlet said, after he had made The Noth Face Outlet Store a special trip to Sweden, to visit the future father-in-law mother-in-law Swedish king Carle the sixteen world Gustaf, Queen Silvia, asking them to agree to marry his daughter to her, while the latter is "very happy" to grant his request.
It is reported, Madeleine and her boyfriend cheap beats by dr dre O'Neill wedding in King couple's consent, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution has been submitted to the government of sweden.According to the Swedish Royal spokesman Botil Tenet said, wedding organizer will now started to plan the wedding of all the details, strive to make the wedding to reach the acme of perfection.