not only children would appreciate jewelry

Animal jewelry is also a great way of encouraging environmental awareness and love of nature -- even among children. A child who has a favorite pet may appreciate having animal jewelry to remind him or her of that pet.
Looking for a design wholesale jewelry supplies that's chic and at the same time unconventional? Try your luck at animal jewelry. Far from being tacky or inelegant, animal designs are actually rather distinctive. Finely crafted jewelry with animal motifs lends a mysterious air to the person who wears them.

From the influences of Surrealist design back in the 30s and 40s, to the Schiapellali collaborations with Dali using lobster designs on her coats, dresses and even jewellery, ensured and continued this long lasting trend.
The famed and eccentric blogger Jane Aldridge as well as her mother, Judy, are well known to have an undying love for anything with animals on it.It was shocking at the time when it first launched, fish bones embroidered on the back of dresses,wholesale hair accessories skeletons as motifs on coats. They were responsible for the fact that the relatively unknown designer, Hanna Bernhard, became a fashion phenomenon. They also certainly created a craze among eBay fans who have a virtual bidding war on the 80s jewellery designer Christopher Ross's golden buckle designs.