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Drive system for a tube mill

A simply and compactly built drive system for a tube mill is provided whose force transmission is no longer threatened by flexures and other deformations of the grinding tube. A one-piece ring gear having a diameter less than or equal to the diameter of the steel tube mill is attached to the small diameter end of a discharge cone of the grinding tube.

Introduction of pipe mill

A pipe mill and method comprises certain improvements in steel pipe mills of cage-type. Edge forming roll sets, usually mounted immediately downstream of the breakdown passes, are mounted for lateral movement to compensate for strip camber or lateral creep.

Device for fixing a partition for tube mill

A frame in combination with a tube mill, comprisinga cast framework of one of steel or iron, consisting of several sectors, each of said sectors having a peripheral face and a set of fixing holes in said peripheral face, each sector being independent from the other sectors,an annular baseplate composed of several segments joined together and defining a reference surface, said baseplate facing said shell and spaced radially inwardly therefrom such that a gap is formed be

Concrete pipe making machine with redensification apparatus

A pipe making machine for "dry mix" packerhead concrete pipe manufacture has two stations and a separable tubular jacket movable therebetween. A rotatable cylindrical packerhead is movable axially within the jacket and a "dry mix" delivery means deposits mix atop the packerhead as it rotates and moves vertically upwardly within the jacket.

Tube Mill With Clean Tubes

For some industries, especially the food processing business, stainless steel tubes are requested to be clean in order to prevent any ingredients sticking in the tubes and causing sanitary issues. However, there are many tube mill makers in Asia but not that many of them are capable of manufacturing stainless steel tubing, especially using alloy 304.

Multiple blade scrap saw for pipe mill

The disclosure is directed to a new scrap kick-out conveyor for a continuous buttweld pipe mills installation. The pipe mill includes a scrap cut-off saw, 

Seam roller for tube mill

A tube mill which employs circular rotating electrodes for welding the edge seam along with means within the continuous tube for rolling the welded seam. An arm extends into the tube and carriers a rotating roller that contacts the seam just downstream from the point where welding occurs. A connector affixed to the arm extends upward through the region between the converging edges of the strip to a pivot pin.

Stainless Steel Tube Mills Manufacturer

Yangzhou Xinyang Machinary Mould Co.,Ltd is a tube mill manufacturer that is specialized in making tube mills and other related carbon and stainless steel tubing machines.

Automated feed system for pipe making machine

An automatic feeder with regard to concrete pipe making machines utilized to produce cement pipes which have round along with box-shaped, elliptical trainer along with other non-round designs.

Weld quality monitoring and control system for a tube mill

Tube mills have been utilized for many years for producing welded steel tubing. Welded steel tubing is fabricated from flat rolled steel strip received in coils from the steel mill.The tube mill specifies thickness, width, chemical analysis and mechanical properties to ensure the production of tubing which meets mill quality standards and those of its customers.Wide steel coils are slit to very accurate width, which is determined by as-welded tube size.


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