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Tube mill with in-line braze coating process

A tube mill line apparatus and process for continuously forming and coating a tube with a braze alloy. The apparatus and process produce a continuously moving welded tube by continuously forming and welding a tubing material, after which the welded tube is passed through a sizing station to establish a desired outer shape and desired outer dimensions for the welded tube.

Tube mill partition

The invention relates to a tube mill machine partition as the discharge or transfer wall. With a view to an improved air passage and a simple material flow regulation, in the case of this partition a substantially tubular central part is used, in that a rotary and/or wholly or segmentally axially displaceable adjusting ring regulates the material flow.

Seamless steel pipe manufacturing method and equipment

A method of manufacturing a seamless steel pipe having excellent properties with high productivity in on-line processing, and an apparatus in which includes casting and steel pipe making machines. In the method the following steps (1) to (6) are successively performed.

Traveling steel pipe making machine of milling type

The known traveling steel pipe making machine of a milling type, which cuts a pipe while traveling in synchronism with a pipe manufacturing speed, is improved so as to facilitate the calculation of positional loci and the control of a milling cutter, to increase a rigidity of the tube mill machine and a li

Multiple size culvert pipe making machine

A plant for the manufacture of pipes of different diameters and lengths in which the pipe is manufactured to order and then shipped to a customer. The plant comprises a pipe milling machine for each desired pipe diameter which forms pipe from elongate strip of sheet metal.

Milling apparatus with replaceable blades

An apparatus for milling away tubular conduits encased within well bores is disclosed. The pipe milling device consists of a cylindrical body. The body forms longitudinal slots therein for radially disposed replaceable cutter blades that are inserted through the slots from the inside of the body. A central mandrel mechanically locks the replaceable blades between the mandrel and the tubular body.

Weld quality monitoring and control system for a tube mill

welded pipe unit and control system includes a programmable logic controller (PLC) which receives data from a plurality of input apparatus which monitor the tube manufacturing process, and which generates output data to control various components of the tube manufacturing system. An apparatus for measuring the width of the flat metal strip prior to forming the tube transmits measurements to the PLC.

Method of producing seamless tube mill piercer mandrel

A laminate tube structure produced by stretch reducing, in combination, a pair of tubes. The resultant tube structure is particularly adapted for use as a mandrel for supporting a piercing point of a seamless tube mill.

Portable tube milling tool

A portable tubing mill tool for milling pipes, tubes, cylinders, and the like has a collect at one end thereof for securing and centering the tool to the work piece. An adjustable in-line rod connects the collect to the tool and permits the collect to secure or release the work piece. An in-line shaft moves the tool into or out of engagement with the work piece.

Method and device for adjusting forming rolls in a helical seam pipe mill

The present invention is directed to a steel pipe mill for making helical seam pipes and, more particularly, it is directed to a method and a device for adjusting the setting angle of the individual forming rolls within a bending roll in the seamless tube mill.


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