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Safety Dental Chair

A safety dental chair China includes a chair having a back and seat portions, the back portion having front and rear surfaces and upper and lower ends. The safety dental chair includes an automatic external defibrillator and a CPR safety board removably coupled to the chair back portion adjacent its rear surface.

Frame for post-supported dental equipment

The frame includes a support plate that has openings fitted with sleeved hubs. The openings and hubs are configured to support dental equipment components that are carried by posts. The frame is constructed so that a given component is readily mounted to any selected one of the openings, thereby providing a variety of user specified options in equipment arrangement with a single frame configuration.

Oil free compressor using special gearing assembly

An oil free compressor uses special structure to interface the engine and compressor. Special quieting structure is also disclosed, including an upward exhaust mechanism, to maintain quiet operation.

Dental composite light curing system

A process for preparing dental compressor includes the steps of applying a composite restorative material onto a prepared tooth followed by the application of light to the composite of intensity sufficient to penetrate the composite to initiate polymerization. Light application is then suspended for a period of time sufficient to allow for the relaxation of internal stresses created by the initial polymerization of the composite.

Dental Equipment Connection Joint

Disclosed herein is a dental equipment connection joint that enables the easy and efficient removal and securing of dental equipment to a support structure.

Multi-valve dental handpiece supply reservoir

A fluid supply system that may be used interchangeably to supply fluid for use in dental air compressor instrumentation including irrigation, application, aeration, and evacuation for treating a patient's mouth.

Simplified valve actuating device for dental equipment

A pneumatically operated, simplified valve actuating device for dental equipment, the valve being capable of avoiding an undesirable dripping of dental instruments at the end of the work.

Dental equipment and method of operating such equipment

An electrolytically activated, microcidal aqueous solution is disclosed which is used in the elimination and control of biofilm in dental unit water lines. The solution has a pH between 6.75 and 10 with microcidal as well as anti-oxidising, dispersing and surfactant properties, rendering the solution bio-compatible and non-corrosive, as well as capable of eliminating biofilm in

Wireless control for dental equipment

The present invention relates to a wireless remote control for dental equipment, such as dental scaler tools, dental drills, prophy angles and other rotary instruments. The wireless control switch can control the on and off state of the dental tool, or it can also be programmed to control the speed of the tool by a switch on the tool.

Control valve arrangement for dental equipment

There is provided a control valve arrangement for dental equipment which comprises a plurality of modular type assemblies having at least three functional zones with the modules including inter-connecting passageways and disposed so as to handle a plurality of separately controlled pressurized media. Provision is also made to rotate a particular module about an X axis to modify the operation of that module.


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