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Dialogue with Murakami Takashi: a dialogue with Louis Weedon mystery has not opened

He was born in 60's last century. Japan, he is a new generation idol Angelababy favorite artist, he redefines Louis Weedon hundred years classical, he bluntly, art is a way of making money. Can say, Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim Murakami Takashi is a popular art and commercial organic integration of the most classic case.

Combination of art and fashion, is to open a new window

Jewel Nam Gyu Ri party filled light foot house

In order to which the spotlight, recommendations to build Bling Bling costume, with sparkling sequins items that can let you become party queen.
No matter how single clothes, as long as the wearer shiny jewelry can help you talent showing itself, at the end of the party just clever take Bling coach factory outlet coupon Bling single goods enjoy a party atmosphere!
Shiny jewelry


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